I’ve been grateful for the Life lessons that I’ve picked up from running. The focus, endurance and discipline have been key to my evolution – as an entrepreneur, a leader and of course, as a runner. And now, the upcoming Tata Mumbai Marathon, for me, is going to be more than just about the fulfilment of my journey as a runner. Because this year, I won’t just be racing to beat a time goal.

My motivation on the track has been further amplified by a cause that I was recently initiated into: the Jai Vakeel Foundation, the largest and oldest non-profit serving children with intellectual challenges. This year, my TMM run will support their work through a fundraiser campaign. While there is no limit to what we can achieve when we all put our hearts to it, I’ve set myself an initial goal of reaching Rs 1 million (15,000 USD) as a fundraiser. You can read all about it and contribute at this link. Just like a marathon run, this #RacetoRaise for Jai Vakeel is not just about the speed with which we achieve our milestones, but about the steadiness with which we pursue them.

A friend brought me in touch with the team at the Jai Vakeel Foundation – an organisation solely devoted to bringing opportunities, counselling, access to medication and the right education to children with intellectual challenges. From spreading awareness about the hurdles faced by these children to providing holistic solutions – the work that the Jai Vakeel team is carrying out is important and impactful. Their sincere efforts right now have over 14,000 children across far-flung districts in Maharashtra.

Image courtesy: www.jaivakeel.org

As I train for the TMM 2020, I draw inspiration from knowing that each mile will be going a long way in making an impact towards a better world for the leaders of tomorrow. Let’s get together and #RacetoRaise these young minds to the best of their abilities. Thanks to the spirit and enthusiasm of extremely proactive and like-minded individuals, we are already off to a great head-start towards meeting our goal. My hope is to maintain the momentum, until the last day, even after we cross the target. Join me by clicking this link to support my #RacetoRaise our hopes towards an exponential future for these children.