Securities Trading Corporation Of India - JTCPL Projects

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Securities Trading Corporation of India is a rapidly emerging NBFC. We worked closely with STCI and used modern fabrication techniques to create innovative design elements that delivered aesthetic impact and harmonized with the core values of the company. This being a repeat client, we aimed to surpass our previous benchmark.




The workspace was used by client teams working on two different verticals. Our challenge was to reuse a lot of the existing infrastructure, while delineating the space between the teams. The workspace was also to be recreated using modern design sensibilities that promoted openness and encouraged collaboration.


The design team reused part of the old furniture in the new context without making it seem old. We created separate verticals that would function like two completely different companies while fostering a sense of togetherness within the floor space. Working with this in mind we were able to meet the needs of the client with finesse.


  • Ninad Tipnis

    Ninad Tipnis

    Principal Architect
  • Vipul Tapke

    Vipul Tapke

    Chief Architect
  • Sagar Talvatkar

    Sagar Talvatkar

    Senior Designer
  • Gwendylene George

    Gwendylene George

    Interior Designer
  • Sonali Patel

    Sonali Patel

    Interior Designer
  • Rehan Rajpurkar

    Rehan Rajpurkar

    3D Visualiser
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