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Designing Saama Technologies’ 22,500 Sq.Ft. office was a challenge because of the unique shape of its floor plate. Instead of hiding the uniqueness we turned it into the aesthetic centerpiece. We highlighted it by adding an aesthetic feature wall, we played with the color scheme to create 2 different colour palettes.



  • Ninad Tipnis

    Ninad Tipnis

    Principal Architect
  • Vipul Tapke

    Vipul Tapke

    Chief Architect
  • Siddharth Sukhathankar

    Siddharth Sukhathankar

    Senior Project Manager
  • Sagar Talvatkar

    Sagar Talvatkar

    Design Head
  • Abhishek Manerikar

    Abhishek Manerikar

    Project Manager
  • Shubhada Velhal

    Shubhada Velhal

    3D Visualiser
  • Sonali Patel

    Sonali Patel

    Interior Designer
  • Chetan Pagare

    Chetan Pagare

    3D Visualiser
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