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This was our third engagement with PharmaNet and the focus was on ensuring design continuity. We chose neutral colors like grey, white and a hint of green to minimize distraction and focused on optimizing ergonomics and functionality. To add vivacity we used graphic elements resembling laboratory equipment as well as some artificial planters and cut bamboo shoots as a final touch.



  • Ninad Tipnis

    Ninad Tipnis

    Principal Architect
  • Vipul Tapke

    Vipul Tapke

    Chief Architect
  • Siddharth Sukhathankar

    Siddharth Sukhathankar

    Senior Project Manager
  • Abhishek Manerikar

    Abhishek Manerikar

    Project Manager
  • Sagar Talvatkar

    Sagar Talvatkar

    Senior Designer
  • Jairam Pandey

    Jairam Pandey

  • Ashish Chheda

    Ashish Chheda

    Interior Designer
  • Fatima Sayyed

    Fatima Sayyed

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