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The main challenge while planning this office was the overall structure of the floor plate, the low ceiling and a number of columns. As a MED-SPA, the space required a soothing ambience while encompassing an array of technical services. A custom-made staircase, a serene and welcoming reception area and aquariums to calm the mind added life to the entire facility.



  • Ninad Tipnis

    Ninad Tipnis

    Principal Architect
  • Vipul Tapke

    Vipul Tapke

    Chief Architect
  • Sagar Talvatkar

    Sagar Talvatkar

    Senior Designer
  • Chetan Pagare

    Chetan Pagare

    3D Visualiser
  • Rehan Rajpurkar

    Rehan Rajpurkar

    3D Visualiser
  • Abhishek Manerikar

    Abhishek Manerikar

    Project Manager
  • Jairam Pandey

    Jairam Pandey

  • Fatima Sayyed

    Fatima Sayyed

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