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Publicis Groupe, is amongst the world’s foremost advertising companies with a global creative network. This 15,000 Sq.ft. workspace is one of their key creative facilities in India. To deliver we were required to deliver our best within a short time frame. By focusing on minimalism and leveraging our expertise we met all our targets with ease.




To create a workspace that complemented a creative leader. The workspace was to inspire the creative minds within while remaining conducive to work. Time was a very major consideration and we were required to step up the pace through the entire process.


We set to work with a passion. Compromise was out of the question. Creating a workspace that inspired the creative mind was a unique challenge as well as an opportunity to explore new ideas. The project was completed at top speed and delivered to an absolutely delighted client.


  • Ninad Tipnis

    Ninad Tipnis

    Principal Architect
  • Vipul Tapke

    Vipul Tapke

    Chief Architect
  • Siddharth Sukhathankar

    Siddharth Sukhathankar

    Senior Project Manager
  • Sagar Talvatkar

    Sagar Talvatkar

    Senior Designer
  • Abhishek Manerikar

    Abhishek Manerikar

    Project Manager
  • Shubhada Velhal

    Shubhada Velhal

    3D Visualiser
  • Sonali Patel

    Sonali Patel

    Interior Designer
  • Vikas Chodankar

    Vikas Chodankar

    Design Head
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