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Architecture partnership

We believe in curating partnerships that help to achieve collective excellence. Whether it is a Client, a vendor partner or a member of the JTCPL Designs family, we aim to establish an affiliation based on a strong sense of ownership. This makes the journey enjoyable. We bring to life, the vision of a team which is united by a goal and working as equals.

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  • KBS Creations

    Andheri, Mumbai

    From a rock shell to a gem of a love story – manifested in a themed workspace.

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  • It was an excellent experience working with JTCPL Designs; we were looking for an established firmhaving a firm foundation and committed to the cause. Working on simultaneous projects PAN India, JTCPL Designs stood up to the daunting challenge and delivered with timely precision and within established budgets.

    A R Syamroy,Senior Vice President

Other expertise

  • Value for time and money

    “Being predictable is what we aim for – predictably amazing that is!”. We do not stop at just winning a pitch, we continuously strive to deliver the project within the stipulated time and budget.

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  • Space optimization

    We have designed workplaces for Clients across the globe. From the conventional to the stylistic, from the minimalistic to the classical, we have created it all. This diversity of experience has enriched us and helped create a comprehensive database of design knowledge.

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  • Interiors that inspire

    We create superlative workspaces with the perfect setting and interiors that inspire every member of the team to flourish.

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  • Collaborative workspaces

    We believe that a collaborative and huddled workspace brings the team together and would result in better quality delivery.

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  • Design and build

    We are the catalysts for our Clients’ vision and believe in creating workspaces that carry a fingerprint unique to the organisation. We imbibe their values and culture and create minutely detailed designs that are a reflection of these. This is where our build teams comes in, to transform this vision into reality.

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