Why Our Brookfield Project Hit The Right Note

“The best partnerships aren’t dependent on a mere common goal but on a shared path of equality, desire, and no small amount of passion.”

Sarah MacLean 


When you are on the side of the client and you look at what they are looking at, the feeling of envisioning the same goal is stellar. While we have had a number of projects that we delivered to the client’s satisfaction, at Brookfield- one of the largest asset management companies in the world, it happened almost seamlessly.

In retrospect, I am most certain it was the Brookfield culture. It wasn’t just the leader, but the entire team that ensured our suggestions were treated with high respect and our efforts were greatly appreciated. To top it up, the fact that we delivered and delivered well, gave us a feeling of inclusion.

This is Brookfield’s third and most ambitious office project in the country, which we had the privilege of developing. Starting off from the walk- through of their existing facility, there were obvious changes that I knew we would be addressing.  Having more time on our hands to actually better and enhance the project because of the lack of back and forth over decisions and approvals, the team and I went an extra mile to up the level. We identified zones, circulation dynamics and got to understand their scheme of things through several meetings. The members of the Brookfield team tend to spend a good number of hours at work, seated on chairs for long periods, which got us to implement world class seating and a large public interface area along with a reception, recreational and collaborative areas.

Once we got the space plan correct- they completely relied on us for the detailing. Certain areas were under committed yet over delivered and were enhanced much more than what we envisioned and thankfully, a lot of them noticed these inputs. With recommendations not being questioned, they came from a place of respect and we made an effort to understand their requirements in depth and get them right.

What was most special in this project, that is not very easy to find everywhere was the abundance of trust that made the journey enjoyable. Usually, there is always a degree of ‘selling’ you have to do to propel your ideas in a project- in this case it was effortless! It was possible to go the extra mile , as we considered ourselves as part of the team and never on the other side of the table as vendors. We could leap beyond a mere ‘printed version’ and come up with a project that was both simple and iconic in its own right.

Creating a workspace, for a leading global firm, sticking to being subtly conservative, simple yet modern and elegant at the same time was magnificent. Wrapping up yet another exemplary project, I’m happy to remember what Anuj Ranjan, Managing Partner and Regional Head of Middle East and South Asia, Brookfield Asset Management said to me, which gave me a gratification of nailing the project,  

“While, none of our previous offices could achieve the balance between being conservative and elegant at the same time. This office does exactly just that.”

Life’s Good ! God’s Kind !!

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  1. Durgesh Pandit

    I agree with you on this. We are the professionals and we always strive to give the best to the clients.. when clients show wholehearted trust and confidence on your ability .. the outcome ought to be the best..

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