Leap of Faith

“To be trusted is a great compliment”. – George MacDonald

All projects begin with a vision. It is this vision that is the first step towards the bigger picture eventually leading to success. Today, clients are willing to invest significant trust in the architect who can nurture a vision from conception to completion. In my opinion, this action falls into four broad categories: championing the vision; listening and understanding; engaging and finally, delivering. Perhaps what makes a career in construction so special, be it in design or delivery, is the final product. Unlike other vocations, architecture is a piece-by-piece venture in which clients have huge sums of money at stake and little recourse or control.

It is when they decide to take a leap of faith and give you a free hand using your talents to interpret.  This sets course to improve the relationship between architects and clients. One of the reasons I believe that our Brookfield project hit the right note is because of the faith the client entrusted in us.

We had the privilege of developing Brookfield’s third and most ambitious office project in the country. It was possible to go the extra mile as we considered ourselves a part of the team. In retrospect, the project manifested impeccably because of the trust the client showed. It’s working with clients like these who help you push your boundaries. They exhibited indefinable faith in our vision, creativity and problem-solving abilities.

When your client sees the spark and you stretch your potential to live up to their expectations, it not only gives you satisfaction but also helps you tap your potential and surpass it. Your own fulfillment is greater than success because it is a measure decided by you. It is this abundance of trust that makes every journey easy and keeps us going forward. Setting a mark with every project and surpassing it hones your skills as a creator.

Winding it up, I live by the idea that delight in the job puts excellence in the work.