A simple ‘Thank You’ has so much more power and energy than we can possibly imagine. I have personally always been that person who expresses gratitude for everything in my life – big or small. Practicing gratitude and working towards things positively have been two extremely important mantras for me. Be it my work or my passion, the game of gratitude has always played a vital role in my life for my projects as well as running.

It doesn’t matter who my client is, I always make sure I find reasons to be proud of my clients. It is essential for me to be proud of each and every client I work for, I play a little game of gratitude wherein I muster all my positive energy and focus my mind on the good qualities of the client. I share this practice with my team and you will be amazed to see the wonders of sharing and how it helps to reinforce the feeling of positivity. As a team, we are grateful for the client’s sheer magnitude – its culture, people, leadership and more.

I apply the same philosophy of gratitude to my passion for long distance running. Especially during my practice of the last 5-7 kilometers, when I get a sense of control and realize where I am, I naturally begin to thank God for the different things I am blessed with – right from my health, inspiration in life, discipline and motivation among others.

We humans tend to underestimate and tune ourselves out of a value that insulates our psyche. The value I speak about here is – gratitude, a quality I deeply treasure. By developing the attitude of gratitude and giving thanks for everything that happens to us and knowing that every step forward is a move toward achieving something bigger and better – spins us into a cycle – unlocking the fullness of life.

I came across this quote from one of Jim Rohn’s works which put gratitude in a completely different perspective, “An attitude of gratitude determines your altitude”. This helped me absorb and acknowledge gratitude in a classy way, and that is how I decided to start practising gratitude.

If you’ve noticed, the people who are most successful in life are also the people who are most grateful. When you come from a place of gratitude, the value of things you are blessed with in your life suddenly expands and you start seeing things in a different light. Your perception about life choices takes a different turn, leading to better results and shields you from negativity. Speaking from personal experience, when confronted with cynical situations, I take a step back and practice gratitude and have come to understand that the state of gratitude is not something that is inherited – rather a state anybody and everybody can polish with practice.

I have, in my interactions, got the drift that people are apprehensive about displaying gratitude. I am most certain that some of you reading this might have come across a casual response to a big achievement with a response, “I just got lucky”. As an individual, I’m not convinced by luck. I strongly believe that to achieve a feat, the amount of hours at work is rather significant!

Citing Michael Phelps, who holds the world record for the maximum number of medals won at Olympics by an individual; practices twice a day, training for around five to six hours a day at six days a week. Drawing a parallel- gratitude helps you inculcate patience within yourself and it serves as a vaccine from instant gratification. The exemplary work done by Nelson Mandela; following his passion for the purpose he believed in and the gratefulness towards life that endured him in his struggle. Gratitude helps unlocks the fullness of life, turning denial into acceptance and confusion into clarity.


  1. Genevieve Pentony

    I am grateful to have known you, worked with you and have the privilege to call you my friend

  2. Tejal Kadam

    Very true Ninad dada . I truly believe in counting blessings and feeling thankful to everyone who play a little or bigger role in making me the person I am evolving into . You have put this so well together . If everyone starts to practise gratitude ,everyone will find reasons to be happy about and this world will be the most beautiful place to be . You are a true inspiration Ninad dada 🙏🏻
    God bless you 💝💝🙌🏻

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