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We live by

  • Client > JTCPL Designs > Team > Self

    We will always keep the Clients’ interest at the forefront of our existence followed by JTCPL Designs, team and self. When we take care of the first three, then the fourth will take care of itself.

  • Discipline

    We will maintain the highest standards of discipline in our conduct. This includes being punctual, showing up every day, worshipping our work and workplace. Taking care of ourselves & our health so that the Work Life doesn’t suffer.

  • Integrity

    In a largely fragmented industry, we will be the beacons of integrity by upholding our ethics. Clients’ interests would always be topmost in our minds and we would safeguard these at any cost.

  • Frugality

    We will exercise frugality through our actions, whether it’s to do with deployment of people, time, money or resources. Every action would be thought through and planned. Optimal is the key word here.

  • Humility

    This is at the core of our very existence. We will always be humble while dealing with our Clients, vendors, suppliers, colleagues, acquaintances or even strangers. Arrogance has no place in our scheme of things. Our humility will be our calling card.

  • Innovation

    It will be our endeavour to bring innovation at every step of our journey. This will encompass our designs, processes, systems, finances, procurement, recruitment, leadership, etc. We will innovate every day in order to stay ahead of the curve.

  • Positivity

    We will fill our day with optimism and positivity. Surround ourselves with positive people for there is great magic in positive thoughts. We will spread positivity amongst people we come across and the society at large.

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